About High Heels & A Soap Box

Welcome to High Heels & A Soapbox!

The name, High Heels & a Soapbox, comes from a lifelong passion for and academic study of Costume, Fashion and Social Anthropology.  This combination may seem a bit of an odd mix, however, through my studies, I have found that what we wear and why we wear it, is, in fact, very anthropologically based – in the sense of in how individuals (and even societies as a whole) express themselves.  This expression can stem from culture, religion, and/or personal choice, in how they see themselves or how they want to be seen by others (either as individuals or as part of a group), and encompasses all aspects of life, as a whole.

The high heels symbolically represent the amalgamation of Costume and Fashion with Social Anthropology.  If you stop and think about it… one glance at a pair of high heels can open the door to a an animated discussion of varied opinions about their beauty, creativity, comfort, evolution, controversy, and stereotypes… all giving clues to our own individual (and/or societal) perceptions of our world and our place in it.

From an aesthetic, historical and anthropological perspective, high heels can be viewed as symbolic of many of the things that comprise the socio-anthropological fabric of humanity:  functionality, sex, art, aesthetics, cultural diversity, socio-economic status, gender, and controversy.  Not to mention the fact that they give one a little more height on a soapbox!

The soapbox symbolizes this blog/website.  It is my ‘platform’, if you will, for me to write about any thoughts, ideas or topics about which I happen to feel passionate.

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