About Me

    grey     “All the world’s a stage” and over the years I have played many different roles: daughter, friend, wife, mother, widow, employee, student, partner, fashionista, some-times runner & doer of yoga, very amateur photographer & domestic goddess.  I love all things coffee, tea, red wine & cats 🙂  I have degrees in Social Anthropology, Fashion & Costume Studies/Theatre and look for everything there is to love and learn about this life… for isn’t learning and love what life is all about?

I have come to realize that the more I learn, the less I know.  And most days, I think I may have forgotten at least half of what I’ve learned!  I’m hoping my wee blog, High Heels & a Soapbox, might become a creative outlet –  to motivate me to find time to read, hear, see, experience, be inspired, and write more.

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