Viva Las Vegas!

As I said in my last post, Las Vegas was never on my top 10 list of places I really wanted to visit. However, when I had the unexpected opportunity to go, I thought, why not? Well…it made up for the Disney Debacle a thousand fold!

Getting older, I think I have developed certain ideas of what (for me, now) constitutes ‘fun’. In retrospect, perhaps I would have appreciated Disney World more as a child and thus experienced the magic though the eyes of a child… as my eyes are now somewhat more, ahem – ‘mature’.

So, as an adult, some of the things I have come to appreciate while on vacation are:
• I want to see and experience new things; have access to adventures when I want (with no serious issues or drama)
• I want time to relax, when I feel like it
• Do some shopping
• Eat good food
• Not feel too hot, cold or wet
• Have comfort and convenience

And Vegas delivered.

I tend to compare Las Vegas to Disney World in that each place is similarly designed to provide fun and entertainment and that things there are generally expensive. However, in Las Vegas you are not ‘trapped’ in a theme park and thus there are ways to make things more affordable, such as your meals.

Next in similarity were the line ups. Line ups are everywhere: the airport, security, customs, cabs, hotel check ins and outs, good restaurants, stores, etc… But unlike Disney, in Vegas the line ups moved FAST, and while I waited in them I was never too hot, wet or cold, and that’s always a bonus.

The first thing I noticed about Vegas was the smell. It smells expensive. Like a combination of freshness, expensive perfume and crisp paper money. All good to me. People can smoke in the casinos in Vegas, however, I didn’t smell one whiff of cigarette smoke, and being a non-smoker, that was great! And everyone was friendly. I assume that because people generally come to Vegas to have fun, they are all in a great mood and are thus, feeling super-friendly (and no, not grab your boobs, friendly!)

And unlike a theme park, all Vegas entertainment had nice comfy seats! If you are a parent and have ever taken your offspring to a theme park, you KNOW that sometimes the only ride you’re really interested in taking is the one where you get to sit on a bench for a minute and sip a cool drink! Well in Vegas there are cool drinks everywhere and you can sit down to eat, gamble (if you’re so inclined) or just sit down pretty much anywhere you want!

And the temperature! Wow! The temperature was absolutely perfect: hot, dry and sunny. Some people were complaining about the heat (it was over 40 most days), but for me it was a different kind of heat than I’ve ever experienced. I’ve lived in Newfoundland, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia. I have also spent time down in Florida. So any amount of heat I’ve ever experienced has always come with copious amounts of humidity. And for someone with asthma, joint aches and chronically frizzy hair, humidity just plain sucks. However, even though it was extremely hot, without the humidity, it didn’t feel at all unpleasant. And no humidity meant feeling great and looking great every day! 

But, if ever at all you might be feeling a bit too warm, it’s easy to find somewhere to cool off. You can find air conditioning everywhere – people can meander freely in and out of shopping plazas, casinos and hotels – all smelling great and filled with air conditioning. If you’re thirsty, water is everywhere. Its ice cold and it tastes good. There are people up and down the streets selling water. At hotel pools there are free cups and water machines everywhere. It may not be environmentally friendly, but really… how environmentally friendly are vacation destinations unless they specifically advertise that?

Getting a cab was also pretty convenient – they were never hard to find. As there are so many fully staffed hotels and businesses, I never had any difficulty being shown to a cab or getting directions. And as security was everywhere, I always felt safe.

There is so much to see and do that you can be as busy or relaxed as you like! Sit by a pool for hours or go for a walk and see the sights. Every hotel on the strip has something fun to see – water and light shows, shopping, glass flowers, gardens, aquariums, animals, concerts, shows, nightclubs…the entertainment – both free and paying can be unending!

I didn’t get to do even half of all the things I wanted to, but like a child bitten by the Mickey Mouse Bug… I can’t wait to one day go back!


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